Going Vegan(ish)

Time for a new adventure in my kitchen! As if getting healthy/clean eating wasn't challenging enough I recently found out that my 18 month old has a severe dairy intolerance. He seemed to do better with keir and yogurt, than with milk and cheese so I have hopes that he might outgrow it. Since we're still nursing that means I have to cut out all dairy also. Hubs is even joining in on the "fun" (sooo thankful for that! I don't want to have to cook two separate dinners!). 

We had already drastically reduced the amount of meat we eat and when we do its certified organic (way more expensive, hence why we cut back lol). 

Coming up with delicious, inexpensive, vegan, hubs and toddler approved meals has been interesting and we're just getting started! 

First I'll just share a little idea for a quick snack that Peanut gobbled right up! He loves avocados, we share one everyday, he never gets tired of them but I was getting bored with them. So today I sliced up a tomato and layerd it with avocado chunks onto a whole wheat cracker and sprinkled a little sea salt (been loving pink Himalayan lately) on top. So simple but a nice little change from a plain old avocado. 

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